LED Light Therapy is a technology based on narrowband Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for the treatment of acne and photo-damage. There are no major side effects or downtime associated with this treatment. It is a relaxing and calming procedure that can complement other treatments such as IPL, Laser Resurfacing and Peels. It can also rejuvenate aging skin and promote skin recovery after laser treatment.

We offer light therapy to our clients to help improve face imperfections and treating acne. Our estheticians use intense pulsed, blue, red, green -light therapies

The blue light helps to destroy the bacteria that cause acne. The deeper penetrating red light promotes anti-inflammatory effect, leading to a softening of fine lines and improved skin tone. The LED Light Therapy can be used alone or as an add-on to complement topical or oral acne treatment.


Red Light

A therapeutic Redlight that helps to reduce skin redness, stimulates collagen production and decreases inflammation in the skin. For clients with acne or rosacea, a combination of Red and Blue™ as well as other medical procedures and cosmeceutical products can help to clear acne blemishes and calm red, inflamed skin.


Blue™ is most suited for acne clearing skin break outs as it lessens the bacterial sebaceous secretions and is calming to the skin area. It quiets acne skin inflammation and can be used in combination with Red and micropeels and interacts with the skin as a calming service. In combination with Red it treats acne vulgaris through its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial system.

Benefits of Blue™ 

  • Can be used in combination with Red for acne
  • Acne Bacteria absorbs blue Light
  • Treats mild to moderate acne and lesions
  • Can even treat moderate sun-damage
  • Recommended for acne in all areas of the body

Yellow Light

Yellow can be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other medical treatments such as micropeels or chemical peels. It is particularly useful for accelerating wound healing and treating psoriasis.

Benefits of Yellow™ 

  • Can be used for Wound healing
  • In combination with RED for Periorbital Wrinkles
  • Can be used with injectables and peels
  • Stimulates deeper skin tissue and improves skin tone and wrinkles
  • Uses infrared light and improves cell turnover and collage production.
  • The yellow light is helpful in reparation of skin